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Shelter Animal Resource Alliance

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871 River  Road, Eugene, OR


10:00-6:00 Everyday! 



Thanks to your support we have rescued 960 dogs and 778 cats from being killed/euthanized at local animal control shelters.

We have also assisted other rescue groups by sponsoring the spay/neuter of 139 cats and 23 dogs for low income families, which we estimate will save the lives of at least 1390 shelter cats and 368 shelter dogs.


In memory of Billy 2006-2016 (Adopted from S.A.R.A. in 2006):

By Marilyn Lynch & James Hirsch
In honor of Sarah DiBoise  By Benjamin & Barbara West
In honor of Wiley & Kim Dickerson By James & Linda Dickerson
In memory of Popple:

By Sarah Lushia
Donations in memory of Casey Reid's dog, Meeso By Sarah Lushia and by Betty Evans
Large Donation made In Memory of Gordon Sherych By Stephanie & Charles Carroll
In Honor of Dumbledore “the Gray” (a rescued S.A.R.A. cat):

By Patrick & Shirley Murphy
In honor of Sarah Lushia By The Hannons (Gwen, Sean, Jamie, Lolly, James, & Magg)
In honor of Karen and the memory of her mother By Karen Johnston
In memory of WAIF, beloved feline companion of Devon By Susan & Richard Harlan
A donation was made in Memory of Pogo By Sarah Lushia
In honor of Dick Harlan's B-Day By Susan & Richard Harlan
A donation was made in honor of Dakota MacColl's dog Chloe By Sarah Lushia
In honor of Meg Hicks By Bernard & Virginia Bopp
Donations were made in memory of Brian Moore By John & Barbara Moore
In memory of Alberta Steadman:

By Sonia & Michael Wildish

 Cathy Cox


Donations were made in memory of Nancy Killough


By International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Susanne Rear

Elaine Herring

John Warren

Cindy Jessup

A donation was made in memory of Moonie Blue. Her humans are Cassandra & Louie Fox and their children, Rylan & Chelby By Sarah Lushia
A donation was made in memory of Ferrari Miller By Mary Cash
A donation was made in honor of Betsy Thomas By Susan & Richard Harlan
A donation was made in honor of Linda Wilson By Tonia Hocker
A donation was made in honor of Alicia Smith By Brian Olson
A donation was made in honor of Meredith Rich By Ben Adams
A donation was made in honor of Julie Ashton By Susan Ashton
A donation was made in honor of Wally Cummins By Regan Weaver
A donation was made in honor of Sarah DiBoise & Frank Russo By Barbara & Ben West
A donation was made in memory of Linda Dickerson:

By Brandon & Michelle Tilby
A donation was made in memory of Bruce Dawley By Patricia Dawley
A donation was made in memory of Robin McGladery By Stephanie White-Haskell
A donation was made in honor of Daughter Cris' Birthday By Nancy Piccioni
A donation was made in memory of Herta "Lilly" Smith By Tamela Mann
A donation was made in honor of Mariposa By Lisa Estvold-Cascade
A donation was made in memory of Linda Freythe. By Allie Jones


A donation was made in loving memory of Gandalf the White, 2002-2013. (Adopted from S.A.R.A. in September, 2002.)


By: Sylvia Engdahl

A donation was made in honor of Eleanor and Isabel who were dear companions to Christine Drivdahl.



By: Rolf Drivdahl
In honor of Molly Craig's retirement By: Patti, Frankie, Deb, Ben, Dan, Steve, Catherine and Marvina.
In honor of: Pam Duddy, DVM

A tireless healer, advocate, and benefactor of all animals.

By: The Ya-Yas: Alice & Kathy Ann, Chris & Bev, Jane & Peggy, Diane & Lourdess
In Memory of Ali:                     

In honor of Angie Anderson, a wonderful, beautiful cat, and great friend who passed after a long battle with kidney failure.

By Nicole Piehl
In Loving Memory of Dharma:
By her Parents and her sister Lucy.
In memory of Elvis. By Cindia Carrere and Donald Webb
In Memory of my cats Didi and Gracie and in appreciation of Devon Trottier  By Joyce Gudger
In honor of Judy Kuskie's Birthday By Cinda Lee Moon

In honor of The Stray Cat Alliance

By Gail Zadakis
In Loving Memory of Brian Moore, a dedicated cat lover and S.A.R.A. supporter. By his many friends and family.
In Memory of our 'god-dog,' Dena's & Russell's sweet, beautiful boy, Sailor.  With so much love for him and them.
By Winston Dong and David Rittinger
In loving Memory of our cat Romeo.
By his parents.
In Honor of Victoria Williams By Susan Truax
In Honor of Beth & Angelo Costanza By Lee Darling
In Honor of Matt & Barb Berg
By Jessica Berg
In Honor of our daughter Cristina P. rescuer of cats. By her parents
In Memory of Willary. By Kari & Doug Furlong
In Memory of Sara's lovely cat Lily By Jean Murphy
In Honor of Linda DeCaccia.   By Bobbi Lindberg
In Honor of Elliot Woodward.  
By Mary Ann Melvin
In Honor of McKenzie Joslin-Snyder. By Charles & Suzanne Whaley
Happy Birthday Sharon Mulford! By Jill Huyenga
In Honor of Ansel Labhard. By Mary Ann Melvin.
In Memory of The Amazing Fluffy, died April 2008, age 19. A true friend and companion.
By Hilliard & Kate.
In Honor of Mama Kitty, Braveheart, Zorro and Shadow. Merry Christmas!
In loving Memory of my Mother,  Alyce Majeskey. Mom taught me to be kind and respectful of all critters and to help animals in need. The photo at the coast shows her with a rescued dog who adored her, and no one else. In the the other photo she is showing her grand-daughter how to be gentle with dogs. I so appreciate the love of flora and fauna both my parents passed on to me.

Thanks to all of you at SARA who continue to help animals in need. you must have someone like my Mom in your life.
By Linda Rouzpay
In Memory of Cal Burright By Linda Steller; Darla & David Smith; Charlotte Vanicek; Fred Ptucha, Tom Ray & Andy Schexnaydre of Santa Rosa, CA; James & Stacey Braudrick and Charles & Martha Allwander.
In Honor of Beatrice From Kari Furlong
In Memory of: Buddy  By Curtis
In Memory of Zoey                 By Sarah Dawn Washburn
In Honor of Barbra & Dan Barbeau "a contribution which is a Christmas present for my animal loving and rescuing Goddaughter and her husband"   
From JoAnne LaFleur
In Memory of Carlotta Agapito, who loved animals   
By Frank & Glenda Briganti
In Honor of Nicole West  Nicole is the Assistant Manager of SARA's Treasures.
From Barbara & Benjamin West
In Memory of Buster Baby. By Rosemary Ates
In Memory of Ranger   
By Diana Walker (Ranger was adopted from S.A.R.A.'s dog rescue program)
In Honor of Blue, Qeada, Callie, Ash, Mookie & Shop Cat, who want other kitties to have a Merry Christmas -
From Ray & Audrey Bradshaw
In Memory of Zoey    By Sarah Dawn Washburn
In Memory of Heather & Neil Stanley's beloved Golden Retriever Honey.
By Joan Pinkert
In Honor of Mom's birthday From Gene & Maryanne Obersinner

In loving Memory of: Margaret, Susan & Betsy

By Abby's Dad
In loving Memory of: Lady Ridder

By a friend of Sarah Ridder


In loving Memory of : Ziggy

and all formerly homeless

cats and kittens.

By Roy and Melinda McCormick
In loving Memory of: Rascal By Simon and Barbara Corea